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The mismatch between academic training and business needs in terms of competent and professional human resources is a real fact unfortunately observed by several business decision-makers and national or international organizations. This alarming finding prompted CAGECFI SA to initiate training modules focused on the effectiveness and efficiency sought within said organizations.

The training modules identified were the result of working sessions between our company and our partners who expressed the need to strengthen the capacity of their staff by providing them with practical knowledge communicated by experienced professionals or practitioners who combine both theory and business practice with ease.

Training, this gold mine, will be an essential tool that will enable learners to dream of new professional developments and increase their productivity.

We urge our partners and all those interested in our initiative to give great importance to our trainings and to contribute in a participative way to the continuous improvement of the tools to be put in place for the success of our companies. 

Depending on your vision, your sector, your strategies and your development perspectives, you will be able to choose the format and the theme of the training which correspond to you. And if, despite everything, you do not find satisfaction in the proposed modules, do not hesitate to let us know your needs and suggestions for a training on demand.

These trainings are real opportunities to boost your career and your network in an atmosphere always placed under the sign of professionalism and conviviality! 

What are the training specialties offered?

All the streams mentioned below could be facilitated by e-learning, either in-company or inter-company.

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